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Syntax: aedit                 - Enters the editor for the current area.

Syntax: aedit <vnum>   - Enters the editor for the selected area.

The follow commands are available from within the AEDITOR:
age <number>                  - set the age of the area
builder <player>               - toggle that builder's access
commands                        - prints a list of possible commands
create                               - create a brand new area and switch to it
done                                 - exits the area editor and returns to normal play
filename <filename>          - change the file name for the area. '.are' is appended.
name <name>                   - change the 'AREAS' name of this area
recall <room vnum>          - set the room to recall to
reset                                  - resets the current area
security <rating>                - set the security rating for this area
show                                 - hitting return, or 'show' shows the area stats
vnum <lower> <upper>     - set the lower and upper vnum's
lvnum <lower>                   - set the lower vnum
uvnum <upper>                 - set the upper vnum
<flags>                              - area flags, type ? AREA for a list

Syntax: AEDIT [create/reset]                        - Area Creation and Repoping.
Syntax: REDIT [create/reset] [vnum]            - Room Creation and Editing.
Syntax: OEDIT [create] <vnum>                  - Object Creation and Editing.
Syntax: MEDIT [create] <vnum>                  - Mobile Creation and Editing.
Syntax: ASAVE <world/area/changed/list>   - Save Editing to Disk
Syntax: ALIST                                             - Listing of Areas.
Syntax: RESET See Help Resets.                  - Set Game Resets.

Definition: [optional] <required>

The above commands are used to expand the game world. The original code it is based on was written by Surreality and installed in The Isles by Locke. It was then converted to work with Envy by Jason Dinkel. Inside an editor, typing COMMANDS lists working commands and ? gives help. AEDIT and REDIT default to the current area or room. EDIT ROOM RESET resets the current room. Most commands with no arguments display syntax. See also: AEDIT REDIT MEDIT OEDIT

Syntax: ALIST

This command gives you a listing of all the areas along with their vnum assignments and the builder(s) assigned to editing them.

Syntax: <dir> <command> <argument(s)>

For exits, type the direction (north/s/e/w) followed by:
dig <vnum>               - creates the room and makes a two way link
link <room vnum>     - make a two way link
room <room vnum>  - make a one way link (use with caution)
key <object vnum>   - makes specified object the vnum of the key required
name <door name>   - makes the door's name/keywords = to the given name
desc                          - edit the description of the exit
remove <arg>           - used to remove keys, names, and descriptions
delete                        - delete this exit
<exit-flags>               - type ? EXIT for a list(door, locked etc.)

The exit flags are presented in the following manner. The capitalized flags are ones not included in the reset info. i.e. closed is due to a player closing the door and not due to the door being set to be closed. -South to [ 3744] Key: [ -1] Exit flags: [door CLOSED pickproof]

value 0     weight capacity
value 1     flags: closeable, pickproof, closed, locked
value 2     key vnum
value 3    unused

value0     capacity
value1     current quantity
value 2    liquid type: water, beer, wine, ale, dark-ale, whisky, lemonade, firebreather,      local-specialty, slime-mold-juice, milk, tea, coffee, blood, salt-water, cola
value3     poisoned?

value 0   hours of food value
value 1   unused
value 2   unused
value 3   poisoned?

value 0 unused
value 1 unused
value 2 hours of light available, 0 is dead, -1 is infinite
value 3 unused

value 0    value in gold pieces
value 1    unused
value 2    unused
value 3    unused

value 0    level
value 1    spell name 1
value 2    spell name 2
value 3    spell name 3

value 0 level
value 1 max charges
value 2 current charges
value 3 spell name

value 0   unused
value 1   unused (formerly min damage)
value 2   unused (formerly max damage)
value 3   weapon type: hit, slice, stab, slash, whip, claw, blast, pound, crush, grep, bite, pierce, suction, chop

Syntax: medit <vnum> -Enters the editor for the selected mobile.

The following commands are available from within the MEDITOR:
alignment <value>     - set the mobile's alignment
commands                 - prints a list of possible commands
create <vnum>          - creates mobile with specified vnum
desc                          - edit the mobile's description (when looked at)
done                          - exits the mobile editor and returns to normal play
level <level>              - set the mobile's level
long                            - edit long description (the one in the room)
name <keywords>     - sets the keywords on an mobile
shop                           - type this command for further information
short <desc>              - sets the 'name' of an mobile (a sword, a fish etc)
show                          - hitting return, or 'show' shows the mobile stats
spec                           - sets a mobiles spec proc, type ? SPEC for a list
<sex>                         - set the mobile's sex, type ? SEX for a list
<act>                         - mobiles actions, type ? ACT for a list
<affected-by>            - mobile affects, type ? AFFECT for a list

Syntax: oedit <vnum> -Enters the editor for the selected object.

The following commands are available from within the OEDITOR:
addaffect                 - applies an affect to an object, no args for help
delaffect                  - removes an affect to an object, no args for help
commands              - prints a list of possible commands
cost <gold>            - sets the gold value of the object
create <vnum>        - creates object with specified vnum
done                        - exits the object editor and returns to normal play
ed                            - type this for info on adding/editing extended descripts
long                          - edit long description (the one in the room)
name <keywords>   - sets the keywords on an object
short <desc>            - sets the 'name' of an object (a sword, a fish etc)
show                         - hitting return, or 'show' shows the object stats
v0 <num>                  - sets the value '0' on the object
v1 <num>                  - sets the value '1' on the object
v2 <num>                  - sets the value '2' on the object
v3 <num>                  - sets the value '3' on the object
weight <num>           - sets the weight of the object
<obj-type>                - type of object, type ? TYPE for a list
<extra-flags>            - attributes of object, type ? EXTRA for a list
<wear-flags>            - where object is worn, type ? WEAR for a list

Syntax: redit -Enters the editor for the current room.

The following commands are available from within the REDITOR:
commands                - prints a list of possible commands
create <vnum>         - creates a room with a certain vnum
desc                         - edit description of room
done                        - exists the room editor and returns to normal play
ed                            - type this command for additonal extra-description help
format                      - format(word-wrap) the room description
name <room title>   - changes the room title
show                        - hitting return, or 'show' shows the room stats
oshow <vnum>        - shows an object with given vnum
olist                          - lists objects in this area.
mshow <vnum>        - shows a mobile with given vnum
mlist                          - lists mobiles in this area.
<room-flags>            - room attributes, type ? ROOM for a list
<sector>                    - terrain of room, type ? SECTOR for a list
<direction>                - see help EXIT, or type <dir> ?
walk <direction>       - use the walk command to move in a direction

RESET <number> OBJ <vnum> <location on body> - equips last mobile
RESET <number> OBJ <vnum> inside <obj vnum>   - store in container
RESET <number> OBJ <vnum> room                       - store in room
RESET <number> MOB <vnum> [<max #>]             - load a mobile
RESET <number> DELETE                                       - delete a reset

RESET alone will display the resets in the current room. The <number> will be displayed with this list. Typing ? WEAR-LOC will list possible locations that an object can be loaded to. The [<max #>] is the maximum number of mobiles allowed in this room and will default to 1 if no number is entered.

For resets to be successful make sure that you add them in a logical order. For example, if you are equipping a mobile, don't load a container in the room and fill it with some objects and then continue equipping the mobile. It is likely that resets will backfire if they are not carefully entered.

If you wish to reset the room then use EDIT ROOM RESET.

sentinel     scavenger     aggressive       stay_area
wimpy      pet                train                practice
gamble     healer            caster              is_nice
banker     doctor           safe                 uncurser

blind                   invisible                detect-evil         detect-invis
detect-magic      detect-hidden        hold                  sanctuary
faerie-fire            infrared                curse                 poison
protect               sneak                    hide                  sleep
charm                 flying                     pass-door        waterwalk
summoned          mute                     gills                   flaming

door              closed            locked
bashproof      pickproof      passproof

glow             hum                 dark             lock
evil               invis                 magic           nodrop
bless            anti-good         anti-evil        anti-neutral
noremove     inventory         poisoned      enflamed
no-identify    no-destroy      no-locate

dark                       no_mob               indoors              private
safe                        solitary                 pet_shop           no_recall
cone_of_silence      imm_only             cold                   hot
no_magic                hard_to_move     hard_to_fight      no_aggressive
arena                      no_portal             post_office         fast_heal

inside              city                field        forest
hills                  mountain       swim      noswim
underwater      air                desert

male     female     neutral

Preceed special functions with 'spec_'
breath_any         breath_acid              breath_fire        breath_frost
breath_gas         breath_lightning         cast_adept       cast_cleric
cast_ghost         cast_judge                 cast_mage       cast_psionicist
cast_undead      executioner                fido                 guard
janitor                mayor                        poison             repairman
thief                   flower_girl

light         scroll         wand         staff
weapon   treasure     armor        potion
furniture   trash         container    drink-container
key         food          money        boat
npc         corpse       fountain      pill

take      finger     neck                 body
head     legs        feet                   hands
arms     shield     about waist       wrist
wield     hold       eyes                 ears